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Arbitration and Mediation Services by Walstead: two-parties shown coming to an agreement

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The attorneys of Walstead Mertsching are available to serve as mediators and arbitrators for non-judicial resolution of a wide-range of disputes throughout Washington & Oregon.  Through mediation and arbitration, our experienced attorneys can minimize the cost of resolving conflicts in cases involving personal injuries, business disputes, employment conflicts, and real estate disputes.  Because our mediators and arbitrators continue to maintain active legal practices in their areas of practice, they possess current knowledge of the legal standards at issue in the disputes brought to mediation or arbitration.

Mediation and arbitration are time-tested, cost-effective alternatives to litigation.  In the mediation process, our mediators assist the parties in reaching a negotiated settlement.  The mediator does not have the power to impose a decision.  The decision to settle the dispute remains solely with the parties.  However, the mediator facilitates the discussions and may provide his or her own evaluation of the merits of each party’s position.

In contrast, the arbitration process is designed to serve as a substitute for trial.  The arbitrator essentially serves as judge and jury, evaluating the evidence, ruling on the applicable law, and rendering a decision.  The arbitrator’s role is to resolve the dispute, not help the parties reach there own resolution.  While ordinary having the same effect of a trial, arbitration is less formal, less costly, and much quicker.


Need Arbitration & Mediation Attorney Services in Washington or Oregon? Call